About Us

A2Z Property Manangement Services (A2Z MAINTENANCE) is a diversified Land and Asset Management Professionals formed with the sole purpose of providing wide range life support services (more commonly referred to as Operation & Management Services).  A2Z MAINTENANCE has offices in Coimbatore and Cochin.

A2Z MAINTENANCE’s considerable depth of resources and corporate commitment to customer satisfaction allow us to successfully provide services even under the most logistically difficult conditions.

A2Z MAINTENANCE is equally happy to use its considerable resources to provide services to projects, factories, offices, residential buildings, accommodation units, etc., in most locations.

Regardless of whether a project is large or small, in a remote or urban area, A2Z MAINTENANCE always attaches the same high level of importance and commitment to the quality of service we afford our customers.   Perhaps the best endorsement of A2Z MAINTENANCE’s services and its attention to the clients’ needs is our longstanding association with our clients.

Our Values:


  • To be the most efficient and reliable contractor in our field of expertise.


  • To satisfy our customers through sustained and professional performance, ensuring value for money at every count.
  • To be resilient and versatile in adversities and learn from our errors, improve our performance and fulfill our obligations to the client, at all costs.
  • Respect our communities, the environment and our cultures.
  • Stay true to our word and operate within strict margins of responsibility and ethics.